Jodi Lewis is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist,  and graphic designer with a background in photography, fine arts, music, and digital media. Her roots in graphic pin-making, zines, and DIY, in the late '90s and 2000s in Toronto and Montreal's music festival and art circuit, have given her opportunities to develop unique and adaptable design styles. Jodi has collaborated with a wide range of artists on projects including collaborative art zines, group art exhibits, and live visuals for music events. Her personal work explores themes of human connection, humans connection to nature, and the relationship between the two.

Jodi's diverse background in media gives her a tactile approach to design solutions. In the past decade, she has expanded her focus to content creation and development for web design, online learning, and digital design. Jodi is currently working on a solo music project and has plans to create more sensory experiences with sound. 

Her most recent collaboration on Rubik's Cube by Vivek Mehmi won the people choice music video award with the Mississauga Arts Council. 

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